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Disgusted by state of Thailand’s seas, minister orders agencies to take immediate action

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And this problem has passed his attention over the past how many years? 

and then charge them 100k if  they touch a sea slug yet those divers who did probably never  did any littering at  all.

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1 hour ago, jonclark said:

I totally understand where you are coming from. And wouldn't defend the actions of dumping or burning etc. But can you tell me what the weekly rubbish collection by the authorities is like. I ask as in my in laws village that all do the same as you mentioned, but there is absolutely no centralised or regular collection of rubbish so they are all left to get rid of it by themselves and most of them as you have observed do this badly. Perhaps some investment and regular collection of rubbish is needed.

They come regularly and are  quite  good BUT  oh my lord   they have to pay something like 40  baht a month for it, cheaper to burn for many, rubbish  collected once  a  week, they even provide free  bins some will even burn their  rubbish next to the  rubbish  bins

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51 minutes ago, djayz said:

I agree with and see everything you wrote, but if it gets to the point that this makes you feel such contempt for them, then you might want to consider moving to a different country. Either that, or learning to block it out. People like you and me aren't going to change 60+ million people's attitude and upbringing (or lack thereof). Enjoy life and look at the positive side too. Don't let the negative stuff eat you up. 

I  dont, I certainly dont waste my energy with the  bunch of local losers I let them fester in their <deleted>  conditions where they can whinge and moan and believe me they do about anything, not their  fault, everyone else  causes the problem but not them, on no sireee🤮😀

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