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Anti-fake news centre detects sharp rise in Covid-19 misinformation

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Anti-fake news centre detects sharp rise in Covid-19 misinformation

By The Nation




An alarming rise in fake news during the Covid-19 outbreak has left authorities scrambling to tackle the problem.



The Digital Economy and Society Ministry (DES) says it is now examining 6,411 posts of suspected misinformation, more than half of which are health-related.


Buddhipongse Punnakanta, DES minister, said people could pass on information about news they suspected was fraudulent to the ministry’s anti-fake news centre.


He also asked media to fight the proliferation of fake news by helping spread accurate information to the public, and announced plans to organise a workshop for his staff to combat the problem.


The anti-fake news centre has received more than 17 million (17,255,640) reports of misinformation since its launch on November 1 last year, said DES permanent secretary Ajarin Pattanapanchai. Of the posts reported, 18,479 were confirmed as fake news.


The centre is currently assessing another 6,411 reports – 3,539 related to health, 2,499 to government policy, 125 to disasters and 248 to the economy,


People can report suspected misinformation at https://www.antifakenewscenter.com, the Anti-Fake News Center Facebook page, Twitter @AfncThailand, Line @antifakenewscenter or the GCC 1111-87 hotline.


Reports are assessed by artificial intelligence, categorised, analysed and evaluated for context.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30395146



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-09-26
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Even the experts here are arguing about the different restrictions.

Some say masks work, and some say the effort is useless compared to how effective they are. 


Some say hand sanitizing is great and some say it's not worth the effort since covid is not spreading very much as vira on surfaces. 


The only thing they can seem to agree on is that social Distancing is effective, which makes sense, since our normal flu season was so much lighter compared to other years. 

We're entering a new flu season soon, so will be interesting to see the numbers after a while. 


Each day a new expert has a different view on covid 19 and it's frustrating as a normal citizen to watch the official guidelines change so much. 

It seems like they have no clue what so ever, and are just trying different things and hope it helps. 


And some have an opinion one day but change their mind the next day. 


It's not easy to know which leg to stand on. 

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Sadly much of the news these days is fake as media presents only what reinforces its favored paradigm. Many alt sites use click bait to make money so these have to be weighed up as well.


The truth is out there, but not where social media points, and certainly not what government says. Still comes down to reading widely and using objective thought, two past-times much out of fashion these days.

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