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Koh Samet: Missing dog rescue after being found swimming in the middle of the sea!

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4 minutes ago, bluesofa said:

Probably due to all the water swallowed.

If he was golden I could get with the name but he looks more black to me and given how dogs always got their bits on show I'd have called him black ball .. 

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14 hours ago, Postmaster said:

Good story for a change.

What's good about saving another wild dog to add to the packs roaming Thailand?  

I say wild as the owner has no idea it was roaming; no idea who it had knocked off their motor bike; where it had defecated; which child it had bitten; what infections it had if chased by other wild dogs.  The problems will continue until all owners are made responsible for damage caused by them allowing their 'pets' to roam free.

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These black Labradors love to swim, seen them swim for 45 min without a break, was with the owner who took a rest at a buoy but the dog kept swimming around. One of our local fishing boats rescued a dog  swimming 3 klm from shore !

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