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Just filling the application form in, at the back it has a letter of consent. They want you to sign this to give them the right to use your personal info as they see fit, as it includes bank details, address and phone number not to keen on signing it. Is it optional to agree to it? It has a remark at the bottom ' Disclosure of such information is right of owner whether he/she will give it or not' Does not make much sense, does it mean they can use your info for marketing etc if you sign the letter of consent or not?

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Probably been close to two years since I completed the DeeMoney form but I left most of it blank....didn't include any bank info, addresses, phone numbers "other than my name, address, and phone number....and my passport number."....gotta provide those 4 things. 


You have to remember the majority of users of DeeMoney are laborers from surrounding countries (i.e., Laos, Mynamar, and Cambodia) who send money home and they will have bank acct info preloaded in the DeeMoney system by using that form.  


Edit:  Just looked at the form...it's the same as the one I filled out years ago....the pink colored areas of the form is just for those folks that want to have the DeeMoney office preload recipients.   You don't need to do that as you can load them yourself in the DeeMoney app....like how your add a recipient in Transferwise. 



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