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Thai Court Divorce Certificate / Order

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Can anyone confirm that the "Marriage Date" is written, or stated on the Thai Court Divorce Certificate / Order; and the Registrar at the Thai Court will keep the Marriage Certificate upon handing over the Divorce Certificate / Order? 

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You dont get divorced in court. Once your case has been heard then the court issues a court order and one or both of you will then have to go to the amphur with the court order and the amphur will then register your divorce. Until this happens you are still married. Anyway the amphur will then keep the original marriage certificate and issue you the divorce certificate.

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I am no sure this is what I understood, when doing a divorce at the Thai Courts.


One, the court award the divorce and the order, both parties must go to the Amphur, taking any original marriage certificates given, to the Amphur, and get the divorce and order register there. The Amphur will then hand the divorce certificates with the order listed behind immediately. The Amphur takes, and keeps any marriage certificates handed in.

Note: If the parties opt to go to the Amphur and get this done expeditiously, no 30 days waiting period, the divorce order written on the back will not state it was handed down by the Thai Court.  


Second scenario, upon getting the divorce and order at the Thai Court, either party can register this at the Thai Court. The registrar at the Thai Court then take the marriage certificate either party has, and after 30 days, the divorce certificate with the order written behind from the court will be issued at the Amphur. If done this way, it will be stated on the back, the divorce and order was handed down by the Thai Court.


The 30 days at the Court Registrar, is for either party to lodge an appeal on the order, if there are grounds for an appeal, which will be heard in the Appeal Court, and can go all the way up to the Thai Supreme Court for final judgment.


This was transmitted to me by two independent Law Firms here.  


Still my other question remains, will the Date of the marriage be stated on the Divorce Certificate?

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