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American expat charged with defamation after leaving multiple negative reviews online

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Another self entitled yank bites the dust.lol

sounds a bit like a vindictive vendetta by him, rather than just posting a negative review on Trip Advisor. Sounds like he may have brought it on himself.  

For goodness sake. Taking outside alcohol into a restaurant anywhere in the world is a no no unless you ask for permission.

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And to think:

they think folks are gonna be bending over backwards to get into the place,

jumping through several blazing hoops,

lining up with tons of paperwork,

paying big money for the chance to be scammed...


Its going to be real interesting to see the first STV tourist who tests positive

(or gets a fake positive) 

then gets escorted by gaurds to a hospital and extorted,

even though he has NO SYMPTOMS!


That guy will certainly be putting in a bad review

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10 minutes ago, Orac said:

Barrow also put a response from the reviewer up to the resorts statement but I assume before this story was posted.



Now we hear two sides of the story but which to believe?


Why didn't he videotape the scene so we can judge who is telling the truth?


I am sure with a handphone camera nowadays, it should be easy.


Does the resort have CCTV, I think it does.


'Workplace'? What is he working as ?

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Two idiots with a resentment. The main thing here is not to <deleted> off the wrong person in Thailand, and other places for that matter. In Scotland he'd get head-butted, which is much better than a 200k fine. 

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