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American expat charged with defamation after leaving multiple negative reviews online

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Another self entitled yank bites the dust.lol

sounds a bit like a vindictive vendetta by him, rather than just posting a negative review on Trip Advisor. Sounds like he may have brought it on himself.  

For goodness sake. Taking outside alcohol into a restaurant anywhere in the world is a no no unless you ask for permission.

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how can any foreigner think that the customer was wrong ? even if arrogant or anything, any business that sue any customer should close definitively (at least).

whatever he did, the business is clearly managed by idiots, just read their reviews on all websites, you will understand.

Anyway this resort is now dead, just read the google reviews that are flooding...

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5 minutes ago, sucit said:

Sets a horrible precedent and makes people fear leaving negative reviews.  Saying an establishment is not clean could be construed as a covid related jab. Where do you draw the line?


Reviews like this are one of the few areas where common people have power over corporations. This power gets abused all the time, sure, but live by the sword and die by it.


Thais can do what they want, but this clearly is not the correct decision. Publicly going after a guest will never be a good idea. 


Are you sure ? or it could just explain people that only brainless use their real name online and do not hide behind a vpn...


And when you want to kill a business, start doing it weeks after, not the next day...



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2 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

Only in Thailand could this happen. No cease and desist orders necessary or blocking him and having the posts removed.  Not like tbe rest of the world.

Just don't insist to bring your own drink for free at a hotel

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I should think this has now moved into the realms of saving face. Those pressing charges cannot continue to allow themselves to be 'dissed' - it will challenge their status. Compared to this the veracity of the situation has no bearing upon the proceedings nor the continued good reputation of the resort.


They must 'win' and publicly. I'm afraid the poor naive customer is on a hiding to nothing.


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