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American expat charged with defamation after leaving multiple negative reviews online

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Another self entitled yank bites the dust.lol

sounds a bit like a vindictive vendetta by him, rather than just posting a negative review on Trip Advisor. Sounds like he may have brought it on himself.  

For goodness sake. Taking outside alcohol into a restaurant anywhere in the world is a no no unless you ask for permission.

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I sometimes do a trip advisor or Agoda review and then read the negative reviews after I have submitted mine. I often wonder if I have stopped at the same place, the comments can be exceptionally harsh and if you follow the poster tend to have a common theme, self importance.

One of my favourite restaurants in Krabi received two scathing reviews in a couple of days from so called Tourists so I checked their previous reviews, dozens of exotic locations ranging from South America, Seychelles, Mediterranean resorts and Asia all within twelve months, I think their reviews should be reviewed by the publishers.

If you have to complain do it direct, not in print, remember, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing.

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29 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

That attitude explains why Farangs live in the 21st century, while Thais struggle to escape from the 19th century.

This drama is three farangs.

in the 21st century.



29 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

And no, I am not saying we are here to fight their battles for them.

But we should not stimulate them in their backwards thinking, or, like many, take advantage of it.

Fear = Power for some

Fear = Submission for most

Fight battle? 

Please not exaggeration.

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8 minutes ago, Yinn said:

This about a immature USA drama queen with frial ego and the angry chekslovakia cry baby with frial ego. 



Farang hotel owner. Farang make the problem. 


Maybe hormone problems.

Nope i don't believe so he's only the Manager from the Hotels response.

"To resolve the situation, our Director of Food and
Beverage, Mr. J (mentioned in the article as the manager from Czech Republic) stepped in and
negotiated with the party."


"We would also like to clarify that Mr. Tom Storup is not the manager mentioned in the review,
or the entity filing the complaint, he is simply the point of contact with the guest and the


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1 minute ago, CorpusChristie said:

Big fight on ,I  need to read ail the thread before I decide which side to join with  

Just deport all three. 

Waste the police time. Immature.

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1 minute ago, DirtyHarry55 said:

You mean deport the Thai resort owner as well haha just joking who is the owner any idea Thai or Farang even the manager has not been named as of yet?
Better idea ban the Hotel fro Tripadvisor.


No, kick the American guy out , his behavior has been appalling , upset because he cannot bring 7/11 drinks to his room . 

  White privilegefinished with the Thai Bahts increase abut 20years ago

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8 minutes ago, DirtyHarry55 said:

 if we can only make positive reviews without being arrested.



pleasenot exaggeration.


You read trip advisor. Thousands of negative review. Not arrested. 


Immature guys can not control behavior/mood. Frial. The USA guy sound racism. Mention chekslovakia many time. 



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