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SURVEY: Should prostitution be decriminalized?

SURVEY: Should prostitution be decriminalized?  

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any method to deprive the police of an income stream is inherently good

When I first came to Thailand in 1980 most girls working in bars in Pattaya were sold to the bars for a year to work as prostitutes. They were given food and lodgings and a small percentage of the mon

They should be legal, men and women. Plus given a chance to pay into the Thai social security, the opportunities to get sick are much higher as a prostitute.   Free anonymous health checks i

29 minutes ago, Brunolem said:

Cannot happen...you cannot legalize something that doesn't exist.


Throughout the years, many government members have walked the...Walking Street, without ever encountering prostitution.


Move along, nothing to see here!

Wasn't something mentioned the other day about 20,000 having been arrested the previous year? It won't happen as yes you are correct as it is in denial or refused to be acknowledged, and next there is too much money in it for many reasons connected with it, even the ones who get busted and may lose their freedom on many levels.. 

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36 minutes ago, Moonlover said:

I voted for legalization, but sadly I have to agree with you. Not while this country is still under the pervasive influence of outdated religious attitudes.

I really don't think it is that on the biggest level. To easy to exploit the establishments and the gals by certain figures with it being illegal.

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1 hour ago, finnsk said:

This question is to simple.

What is prostitusion ? Is it people working without free will under an alfons, then it must be still criminal. Is it individual persons under free will making money and maybe seeking the luck, then I can not see it is criminal.

Empower Foundation is a group of workers that work under free will. 

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