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I can't seem to pull up the aquaponics sub forum and have been posting to the small farm holders sub forum in the farming forum. 

Can you delete my two latest posts there and I will repost to the aquaponics sub forum when I know how to get it. It doesn't show up on my smartphone. Thanks

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You can't find an Aquaponics Forum because we don't have one, there's a pinned dedicated thread which you've found.


I'm not sure we ever had an aqua/hydro forum, is there enough interest to start one?


Carry on posting in your current thread 🙂 


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1 hour ago, carlyai said:

Ok thanks. I must be mistaken as I thought I saw "Time to grow" post his latest setup in the aquaponics forum.


I think Hydro/Aquaponic gardening thread has recent post from Time to grow.



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36 minutes ago, carlyai said:

Yes thanks, but I can't post (dont think i can) to the pinned topic but some can

Everybody can post on pinned topics unless they are locked.

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