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Koh Chang Resort Sues Customer

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A Koh Chang resort has had a customer arrested and he is being sued because he posted a critical review online of the Sea View Resort in Koh Chang. Apparently the complaint started because the resort demanded a 500b corkage fee for a bottle of gin from Wesley Barnes. Now other reports are emerging that other hotels and resorts are also threatening to sue a complaining customer if they leave an online critical review.


There are lots of nice resorts on other Thai islands. Maybe it is best to avoid Koh Chang and all its resorts and hotels?


Story is running at many websites, just Google Sea View Resort and Westley Barnes, and more details are here:


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22 minutes ago, anchadian said:

Already a thread on this.

But not in the forum for Koh Chang. It is very important for people who need news and info about Koh Chang to be aware that some resorts are choosing to sue their customers for critical online reviews. A link is provided to the more detailed story.

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