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johnson vaccine shows promise

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Coronavirus vaccine: Johnson & Johnson jab shows response in 98% of test participants

Graig Graziosi
The Independent26 September 2020

One of the numerous proposed coronavirus vaccines has produced a strong immune response in test subjects according to a report issued Friday.  

Johnson & Johnson's JNJ.N Covid-19 vaccine, called Ad26.COV2.S, was well-tolerated by subjects at two dosing instances in early-to-mid stage coronavirus clinical trials.  

It is the only Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial in the US that is testing a single dose vaccine.  

Researchers said 98 per cent of participants in the study whose data was available had neutralising antibodies, which help the body fight off pathogens, a month after they received the vaccine.  

The vaccine is unique in that it is delivered in a single shot, rather than in two doses. The reduced time needed to deliver the vaccine could simply its distribution.  

The report written based on the trial, which was released on the medical website medRxiv, has not been peer reviewed, according to Reuters.  

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More than welcome and all should embrace it because once a vaccine is approved then you can be sure Thailand will require evidence of that vaccination before entry

No proof no entry

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If I understand this correctly it is a one shot vaccine.

From a public health POV this is a huge advantage.

The public health brainiacs are already factoring in the fact the for multi-shot vaccines a significant percentage will not follow-up with subsequent jabs.




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1 hour ago, Don Chance said:

With the Chinese vaccine already tested on 100,000's+, would you rather take a vaccine that has been around the longest?

I would not hesitate to take that Chinese vaccine.  Assuming it's that SinoVac one which I think is the one they are doing widespread testing on. 


It's a reputable company and that vaccine is similar to the other leading contenders around the world.  Where it's based on a template for an existing vaccine and therefore already somewhat well tested. I think it's also the same type of vaccine as the other leading contenders.


The other one I'm not so sure about.  I think the company is called SinoPharm which is a state owned company.  I would have less trust in any state owned company.

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At this stage, it's not about whether any vaccine works. It's more about getting governments to believe that a particular vaccine works. And I suspect that the WHO will play a central in choosing the "magic bullet", so to speak..

The policy of a negative test within 72 hours of flight and 14- 21 day quarantine is not the answer to getting travel going again. 


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13 hours ago, mr mr said:

i'm borderline anti vaxxer but will gladly step up and be one of the first test monkeys if this means getting my future back. 



Huh? What's happened to your future? 

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Weekly nasal spray could offer protection from Covid-19, research finds


  • Rebecca Speare-Cole
  • 1 hour ago
  • https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/covid-19-protection-nasal-spray-a4557876.html


A nasal spray given once or twice a week could offer protection against coronavirus, according to new research.

Human trials could start within four months after studies on ferrets, led by an expert from Public Health England (PHE), found the spray could reduce infection and prevent transmission.

The therapy, developed by Australian biotech company Ena Respiratory, was originally developed to boost the natural immune system to fight colds and flu.


But trials showed that INNA-051 could reduce Covid-19 replication by up to 96% after it managed to boost the immune response prior to infection.

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I'm not inclined to trust a Johnson and Johnson product, a few blots on their escutcheon. Such as asbestos in talcum powder, and that chlorinated sweetener they market.

The other aspect is the vaccine they may have is being pushed by Trump to be released without full validation. As Trump's only interest is getting re-elected, I have doubts as to its efficacy and safety, although it's probably a step up from the disinfectant he was espousing.

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21 hours ago, mr mr said:

i'm borderline anti vaxxer but will gladly step up and be one of the first test monkeys if this means getting my future back. 


No disrespect intended, but I think that's exactly the attitude they've been going for...  Trample our rights.  Give away $$$ trillions to Wall Street and the banks and Big Pharma.  Whatever you want, we'll let you do it.  Just let us have our lives back...


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