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Line app issues.

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Is anyone receiving messages from Line saying "delete the Line app and re-install official version" on their smart phone?

About 9 months ago I bought a new Vivo phone with Line app pre-installed, no issues from the start and have had many updates since then.

In the last week or so I have had a message pop-up a few times on the screen asking to do the above?

The app is working fine and no real problems otherwise, is this legit or is this a hack of some kind?

On a side issue:

I also have Line version on my PC, this is sychronised to my phone and I have not had the same message but...

recently the log-in has changed, originally all i had o do was enter my password, now the box requires username & password, another change is when I try to find a new contact I get the search box so can enter a name or number but within the box there is no "green search button" to click so cannot search?

Is this normal too?

Thanks for any info.


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Yes I had the same issue.  Couldn't fathom it at all, thought it may have been related to me clearing the cache (sort of in error) and deleting the data on the Play Store app as it was giving me problems then none of my apps were showing up as installed.  This Line message came up about the same time, could well have been just a coincidence though.  Ended up just deleting LINE and downloaded it again from the Play Store.  Been OK since.

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Thanks, I was going to wait to see if an update was available soon, allow it then see if the issue continued, then do a delete/install if I got it again.
At least I'm not the only one seeing this, however I've not made any changes to my settings as you have done recently.

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