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Keri Hilson Co-Wrote 1 of Britney Spears' Biggest Hits

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Keri Hilson Co-Wrote 1 of Britney Spears' Biggest Hits

By Matthew Trzcinski




Keri Hilson and Britney Spears make pretty different music, however, Hilson co-wrote one of Spears’ hits.


Here’s what Hilson had to say about Spears’ work as an artist.


Interestingly, the hit song Hilson wrote for Spears spawned an iconic catchphrase. 


Hilson is primarily an R&B singer and Spears is a pop princess. 


Full Story: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/keri-hilson-wrote-1-of-britney-spears-biggest-hits.html/

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Keri Wilson - Coulda, Shuda, never really was... on verge of having the world at her feet then a spat with a certain Mrs Jay-Z and well Keri seemed to fall out of favour very quickly after that... I thought she was pretty much Hot property at the time, great looks, voice and could write her own material, I suppose other forces in the industry decided otherwise


A taster? yes pls....




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