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Sawadee fellow farangs.. I've been coming to sweet Siam most winters practically since I started shaving but lately, the past few years, the natives seemed increasingly unfriendly, an incident with the police a couple of years ago (a 20,000 baht shakedown over an alleged "7" I blew into the breathalyzer - but I guess it was okay as soon as I forked over the cash a half hour after being caught in the dragnet since they immediately handed me back my keys) and last year on Beach Road in Jomtien I was hit while strolling and knocked on my ass by  a motorbiker who just kept going.. Broad daylight and in full view of the pedestrians, never even considered going to the cops, not even to report it. Luckily I was barely hurt, dusted myself off and got on with life but it left a very bad taste.. Anyway, aside from that, I love the place, particularly where I stay, but this year looks in significant doubt, usually by January I'm there and stay until March. Prognoses anyone? Are we farangs being edged out, is the Wuhan Plague the final nail? Or might things revert to the sweet Siam days of the LOS fame? (ps spare me the useless sarcasm, trolling and abuse please, thanks in advance.)

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