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STV: Chinese will be first foreign tourists allowed in, then Scandinavians

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And so Thailand is the first to reward China and totally overlook that they created the virus that wreaked havoc on the world whether intentionally or unintentionally released. I wonder whose pockets

Of course the fallacious pandering to the Chinese comes first... <deleted> shame on them 

Pure Gold. Perhaps someone ought to inform these Thai chiefs that the average stay of a Chinese national is 5 days less than the 2 week quarantine.

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13 minutes ago, Phuketshrew said:

I do not understand the logistics of this. 150 Chinese will arrive in Phuket on a charter flight to stay for at least 30 days. Are they all going to stay for the same duration? Will there be a charter flight to return them to China after X amount of days?

The plane needs to go back for the next batch.

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