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Anutin: Forget "Phuket Model" - opening up the kingdom is "Thailand Model"

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But he is, literally !  😂😂😂

Covid is starting to be seen for what it is, another respiratory disease that spreads quicker than others, killing predominantly older people like a lot of us expats here on TVF.   Borders w

Was not a political tool, 🤣🤣anybody who believes that is definately a tool.

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Exact details will be given to tourists after departure as TAT hasn't yet worked out what they should be but as I am more hi so than the Governor of Phuket he won't be given any credit for the regulations. 

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3 hours ago, Flying Saucage said:

I think not everyone is as close to China and it's supply-chain of luxury Swiss watches, as Prayut and Prawit, and that it is China who  wants the Thai borders kept close.


The Hero-General and his merry band of henchmen can throw around new 'Tourism' plans all they like....but it's not their call. Any actual plan to open Thailand's borders will require pre-approval from China.



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4 minutes ago, Sydebolle said:

So the "dirty farang" hater realized that it is the afore-mentioned who pay the bills ...... 

Chinese cousins let in first dirty foreigners last.

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