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Thai man pulls gun on convenience store staffer over mask wearing - police give him SEVEN days to come in

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You cannot fault the politeness of the R.T.P., please come in within 7 days. Do your <deleted> jobs, and go looking for him, and apprehend him. He is obviously a danger to society.

You know what these fruitcakes are like when they lose face. More to the point just why are Thai citizens allowed to keep handguns in the first place licensed or otherwise. What possibly legitima

Excuse my dumb farang thinking, but wouldn't he have been better off waving a gun around WITH a mask, to make it harder for him to be identified? Or is that pushing the boat of expectation of common s

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3 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:


You have forgotten to provide two to three linked webpages where this has also happened in other countries so its somehow ok that it happened in Thailand. 


The immature and juvenile approach by the police is mirrored by your post, Yinn. 


"He did not shoot the gun. Not mass shooter" - Not yet anyway... What would you have the police wait for? Wait until a guy shoots a 7-11 staff member or an innocent bystander before they make any effort to arrest him????



Yinn, I try hard not to disagree with nearly every post you make - but your comments are just so immature and dumbed down in the manner in which they attempt to ‘excuse’ terrible behaviour in Thailand and attempt to divert attention by pointing out it happens else where, it really is juvenile in a ’school yard’ kind of way. 



I ask you this Yinn. If this guy were to kill someone, would you be angry at the police for not doing more to apprehend him?... OK.. Forget that, its outside of your ‘inner circle of care’....  Rephrase: IF this guy were to kill someone you care about, would you be angry at the Police for not doing more to apprehend him???? 


I wonder if you get it now..... 




No she will never get it

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15 hours ago, darksidedog said:

Excuse my dumb farang thinking, but wouldn't he have been better off waving a gun around WITH a mask, to make it harder for him to be identified? Or is that pushing the boat of expectation of common sense out too far?

Nope, because that requires critical thinking. lol

200 baht fine. Next!

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18 hours ago, scorecard said:

Perhaps you should remember that plenty of foreigners come from countries which have national laws which don't allow mr. joe public from owning / carrying guns, and they agree with these laws.

I too agree, my country bans it also. My point was not that it is wrong to ban foreigners, moreover, it should be everyone, Thai Nationals included. Sorry, I was not very clear on putting my point across. :smile:

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13 minutes ago, FritsSikkink said:

Should pick him up immediately.

It does'nt work that way Frits, he's been politely invited to come in within the next seven days! That's how it works!

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23 hours ago, worgeordie said:

If he does not come in within 7 days....give him another week to comply ?,

You can imagine the talk in the Police Station. He's got a gun....I am not

going to look for him...me neither, give him a week to come in, when its

all forgotten about.

regards Wor Geordie

I  have a  Policeman friend (paid) and  thats basically  it, local head of  village was  shooting his  gun off sometime ago, they gave him a few  days to calm down before  attempting to visit  him

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On 9/29/2020 at 4:51 AM, LeamchabangLarry said:

Selfish piece of trash.

Enjoy tossing salads for a long time to come

What ? You mean the scumbag went back and wrote multiple negative reviews of 7/11 ? 

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8 hours ago, Yinn said:

You confused again.


i tell you the thai law system. You not know about reduction sentence for surrender yourself. 


Now you drama queen about hypothetical. 


You like complain. 



Everyone knows that the Thai Legal system allows for reduced penalties for those who volunteer themselves.


But, this should not be used as an excuse for the police to sit back and wait for a ‘gun criminal’ to hand themselves in. 



This has nothing to do with liking to complain - I don’t like dumbed down stupid excuses for behaviour which really is inexcusable.  Again, you’ve used your favourite tactic of deflecting from the issue to point the blame or criticism at something else unrelated. 


In this case you are suggesting I am a drama queen for directing criticism to the lack of police response - I would argue that the apathy shown by the police force is matched by your lack of understanding of consequences. I don’t think you are unintelligent, but accusing someone of being a 'drama queen’ highlights nothing other than a dumbed down ‘key word’... you could have used 'snow-flake', soon you’ll be using 'nanny-state’ and suggest Western response to such issues is over the top.


What is clear is that you have grown up in a reactive rather than a proactive society and lack any concept of consequence.


In this case the inexcusable part is that the Police have announced a 7 day deadline instead of announcing that they are canvassing and using every resource at hand to catch this criminal before he escalates and hurts or kills someone. 











Edited by richard_smith237
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Off topic posts and replies have been removed.  This topic has nothing whatsoever to do with the USA, the UK or President Trump, please stay on topic. 

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