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Vegeta Chicken Stock

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I can't find it online on any of the main supermarket sites (Big C, Foodland, Makro, Tops, Tesco) or on Lazada (wasn't expecting to find it there but what the hey).

Can't find it listed anywhere else. Looks like the only choice is to order it from amazon.com.au - 


It's a common issue here. There's a lot of things I can't find here that are common back in Canada and the only way to get them is to have someone ship some, or order it from Amazon, have it sent to a mail forwarder and have them send it to Thailand. Sometimes it's just not worth it.

(Amazon in the US usually won't ship any "food" items outside the country, even if it's something like dry drink mix powder that can't go bad in the mail.)

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Maybe worth having a look in Friendship,Foodmart ,the Tops in Central mall  or Saimburis It looks familiar to me just dont know where I've seen it.

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13 hours ago, Kerryd said:

There's a lot of things I can't find here that are common back in Canada and the only way to get them is to have someone ship some,

Used to have a regular stream of people on a Forum coming out to keep me supplied with tea bags and salad cream and odd stuff like that. Not no more, and Siambury's is far out of the way for me. Gets frustrating as the local shops don't do a very good job of keeping stuff in stock, there one day, gone the next. Maybe to return, maybe not.

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I swear that some of the shops (like Big C even) will stop carrying an item if it becomes too popular because the more popular an item is, the more work that has to go into ordering, receiving, distributing and stocking it on the shelves.
Far easier to simply scratch it off the list.

I even contacted a manufacturer once to see if they had a distributor in Thailand. They did. I contacted that distributor to ask if they would order some other varieties of the product instead of just the 1 or two they normally carried. No reply.

Reminded me of the American Px in Kandahar. They'd get a shipment with a new flavour of CoffeeMate and it would sell out in hours. What would they do ? Just order more of the 2 flavours they always stocked (French Vanilla and Hazelnut). Ordering more of the new, popular item would have meant more work it seems. Easier to just not order any more at all.
As we had free shipping via the American APO, I could order different flavours on Amazon and have it shipped to Kandahar for free. (For awhile, until the Americans cut access to postal services for non-Americans.)
Over here though, limited options unless you don't mind paying extra, a lot extra, to ship stuff over. And then hope that it doesn't get held up in Customs.

Would love to order a case of Smoked Oysters. Can't find them anywhere over here. Not worth trying to have some shipped here though.

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