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Horror smash involving bus en route to Pattaya claims eighth victim

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Horror smash involving bus en route to Pattaya claims eighth victim



Picture: Thai Rath


It has been revealed that the horror smash involving a double decker tour bus that crashed into a truck-trailer in Korat in the early hours of Saturday morning was on a "Rao Thiaw Duay Gan" - or "let's take a trip together" domestic tourism stimulus package.


The "death bus" as depicted in the Thai media was on its way to Pattaya for a free night.


People on board had 1,000 baht in their pocket to spend, noted Thai Rath.


Seven people from Roi-Et died at the scene. Yesterday a 75 year old became the eighth victim. 


(Thai Rath referred to the latest victim as both a man and a woman, notes Thaivisa).


The victim's relative said they had begged them not to go. 


But the old person had insisted and packed the bag themself. 


In Roi-Et the media spoke to two people who were among the 50 injured in the accident on Route 304 in Korat. 


They both said the bus was going very fast, one suggesting that it was trying to make up for lost time.


One man called Denchai, 52, said he couldn't sleep because it was going so fast. 


He went from the second floor down to the first because of his fears. 


Duang said the bus had arrived late and she warned the second driver to slow down after he took to the steering wheel after a stop at a gas station. 


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-09-29
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6 hours ago, webfact said:

Horror smash involving bus en route to Pattaya claims eighth victim

Nothing new here . Blame the General for Not Enforcing Mandatory Vehicle Inspections and Enforcing Traffic Laws.

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6 hours ago, trainman34014 said:

Friend of ours went on one of these 'Lets take a trip together' jaunts to Chiang Rai a couple of weeks ago; they were given 2,000 Baht each in their phones to spend on 'having a good time', including paying their own Hotel bills.   45 minutes into the journey the Bus started emitting smoke from its Brakes and then the Brakes failed altogether and they were stuck in the middle of nowhere for two and a half hours until a fleet of Mini Buses truned up to ferry them forward.    Hotel was of poor quality, no breakfast included and no tea or coffee in the rooms but 700 Baht each person.  They took them to three Temples they had all been to before and they were all 'told' they should leave money and buy junk at each one.   Group eating was 'arranged' at certain Venues where the food was expensive and of poor quality. 


Our friend said she will not be going on another such trip and wouldn't advise others to go either.

With respect to the tourists hoping to enjoy a holiday, these are typical Thai scams and rip-offs - one of Mr Anutin's new "Thailand Model" promotions??

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2 minutes ago, Burma Bill said:

Anutin's new "Thailand Model" promotions

The Non Lab Rat Model for those in Phuket promotion.  "Come and be subjected, I mean enjoy your laboratory style entry into the Kingdom.  You will then be transported in luxury to your destination where you will enjoy 14 days of self isolation.  When finished and found Covid free you will have a free enjoyable trip to the buffet to eat all of the shrimp and prawns you want, while fighting off your fellow quarantine mates, after you have been cleared after having your nose jabbed by long swabs twice"

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