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Video: Giant King Cobra fights back! But expertise of snake catchers prevails in the end

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This isn’t wise since they are giving the snake a ramp or a platform to get higher. All it needs is to get its body on that container and it can get much higher. 

if you watch Nick Chomngam they often just distract the snake whilst sneaking up from the other side and necking the snake.

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14 hours ago, audaciousnomad said:

Got it done!  Clearly this was not their first rodeo with a King Cobra.  Bravo to them for getting it done with no harm to themselves or the animal!

Yep, rather them than me though. I don't think that King Cobras are especially aggressive snakes, but their size, speed, and potentially lethal venom make them very dangerous indeed. Apparently they feed mostly on other snakes.

A lot of new construction in this area will be flushing out a lot of the local flora and fauna, I imagine..

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On 9/29/2020 at 3:56 PM, Rookiescot said:

Given most Thais have access to a firearm I personally would be tempted to empty a magazine into the thing.

12 gauge bird shot x 5 should subdue it. but be careful of small shot when eating later on

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