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EU won't accept Britain going back on Brexit deal, Germany's Roth says - magazine

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Of course they don't. Why should they? Once the world realises that UK cannot be trusted who would want to make any deal with bungling boris and co.?

Johnson, the Tories and Brexiteers are destroying this once proud nation......the economy is shutting down, trade agreements will be reneged upon....we have already lost our standing in the world....h

The EU will have to accept that Britain has already left. They don’t get a say on the Internal Markets Bill. 

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Just now, mfd101 said:

Populism looks much the same everywhere, UK, US, many democracies and most authoritarian regimes ... no clear policy direction, no ability to address underlying issues (poverty, education, health ... ), constant about-face depending on the political weather on the day.


In sum, lack of decent leadership - not to favour the favoured friends but to take the country as a whole forward.

Spot on...a total lack of any principled approach.....even if you don't agree with the principles at least you know what you may be voting for or against.

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