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Teams set up to monitor Myanmar migrants

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Teams set up to monitor Myanmar migrants

By The Phuket News



One of the officers leading the teams that have been set-up to monitor migrants from Myanmar. Photo: PR


PHUKET:-- Four official teams have been established to monitor and examine Myanmar workers entering Phuket in an effort to curb illegal immigration and control any threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus entering the island.


Phuket Vice Governor Phichet Panaphong revealed the news during a meeting of the Communicable Disease Committee held at Phuket Provincial Hall yesterday (Sept 28).


V/Gov Phichet explained that a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has broken out in Rakhine state in the west of Myanmar, a situation that could lead to concerned people there attempting to flee overseas, therefore significantly increasing illegal immigrant numbers.


Full Story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/teams-set-up-to-monitor-myanmar-migrants-77486.php



-- © Copyright Phuket News 2020-09-29
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It would be far easier to punish business owners who have illegal immigrants working for them.


But it would put a bad light on Thailand, can not. Better just blame the illegal workers without any further looking in to it.

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