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Thailand’s PM dismisses speculation over formation of a national government

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Who said this, Cha Cha or Paochinda?   Either way, that's a damning thing to say if you're in government.....

Of course they have denied it, anybody seriously expect them to say otherwise? They are running scared, their days are numbered, and the sooner they are gone, the better for Thailand.

Mumbling to himself. I always thought that was considered as the first sign of madness.

1 hour ago, daveAustin said:

lol So he is human then. This is quite amusing. As to a coalition with PT, we all know that is a non-starter. Like matter-antimatter, it'd be fireworks.

But perhaps they will invite pojaman, maybe she could provide a feminine soothing touch.

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51 minutes ago, jonclark said:

I am thinking that the government's ship maybe taking on water...and the pumps have packed up. 


Another couple who of big student led protests, an economy in free fall, and a public who have lost faith in the PM. Despite his bluster the PM is a worried man.

IMO, his only worry is from Apirat and his sponsor....

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37 minutes ago, yellowboat said:

They are not playing nice with cha cha, so he is going to take his ball and leave. 


He and the army party being squeezed out would be the best thing for Thailand.  

Who has the guns (tanks and attack helicopters) wins!

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1 hour ago, colinneil said:

the sooner they are gone, the better

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. 

If/when they go, who'll fill the void? Highly unlikely to be somebody who actually cares about the country and the well-being of the population. Politicians, the world over, only care about filling their own pockets.

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