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Greetings fellow trudgers!

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So glad to read that you're perfectly on the beam in terms of gratitude. This old timer has adopted and adapted to Zoom meetings. When I sobered up there were no smart phones, no cell phones at all... nor even computers that fit into a house!


Things have changed so much, and things are still exactly the same. One drunk, talking to another drunk, and the both staying sober and getting a life beyond what a person would reasonably figure was deserved.


No person, place, thing (or virus) can ever make us take another drink.

I hope you can reunite with your family soon. Hang tough.

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On 10/7/2020 at 8:42 AM, Jessi said:

Hey Gerry, Good to hear from you. Miss your regular post.

Please stay sober & safe one day at a time.

I have just clocked up 40 years "One day at a time"



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