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Shu Ting

Problems with Cat Lady

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Hi all,


I am wondering if you have any experience about what to do with a situation like this.


a few months ago this lady (Thai) came every night to feed some food to stray cats outside my house. And since then there are more and more stray cats coming to eat the food she put out every single night. These cats also do their smelly businesses around my house and my neighbour’s house. 

My husband and I had confronted her before to stop putting food out for the cats but she was really nasty and fierce. She scolded us in extremely rude words and still do as she likes. She said that she doesn’t put cat food in front of my gate. But she put the food in front and inside my neighbour’s gate. My neighbour told her off about it and got scolded about a month ago.


last week things were escalating. As she came to put food at neighbour’s gate my neighbour kicked away the food. Then she went into this crazy fierce mode who kept on scolding my neighbour, an old man. She even attempted to hit him, luckily his daughter was blocking her from hitting her dad. This crazy cat lady then called up her friends to come for support. About 4-5 people showed up. One of them joined in the verbal abuse. Fortunately nobody got hurt that night. Neighbour also called police but to nobody’s surprise police never show up. Neighbour’s wife has a video record of the quarrel.


since then when she came round every night to put cat food, she always scolded neighbor in her rude language. My neighbour’s daughter will wash the cat food down the drain as soon as crazy cat lady left.

Tonight when she found out that the cat food has been washed down the drain (it’s like she came back to check) she started scolding and kicking neighbour’s gate. Then she also kicked and broke some pots outside the house. My neighbours did not come out as they couldn’t hear. I told neighbour’s not to have another clash with her because they couldn’t fight her and her partner (she always come with somebody in a motorcycle).

I feel a bit unsafe in my own house. It’s annoying having to deal with the cat poops and pees, and the noises she made at night when she comes round to put out cat food. The cat lady lives somewhere deep down the soi and she’s not even around our house. We and many people have always told her that if she loves the cats so much why not she bring them home to look after? All we ever received was her scolding.


Is there anything we could do? Advice please?

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