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UFO sighting: Alien hunters claim glowing spaceship spotted over Spanish mountain

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A pair of amateur photographs examined by UFO hunters supposedly show a disk of alien origin flying at great speed in Basque Country, northern Spain.


The first of intriguing images shows an odd anomaly apparently close to the tip of a mountain in Zumarraga, which is vaguely rectangular in shape and its pink colour is easily visible against the dark mountain.


The second photo shows a not dissimilar shape a little further away.


Self-styled ET expert Scott Waring suggests the pictures depict a fast-moving UFO.


Writing on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, Mr Waring said: “UFOs often move too fast for the human eye to detect.


“Aliens rely on that technology skill to avoid detection.


“However cell phones and cameras are getting more advanced and have a more perfect eye than our own.


“They capture every detail. So that is is [to] our advantage.


“We too have tech skills to fall on.


“This is a perfect disk and caught in two different positions.


“Absolutely breathtaking. I have often said, if you want to see a UFO, watch a dozen sunsets. You will see at least one.”


The controversial alien life conspiracy theorist also provides what he claims is a quote from the eyewitness.


They said in a statement: “I was just trying to take a beautiful picture of the sunset.


“I felt something different that day in the sky but I couldn’t see clearly the object with my eyes.


“It was the picture with the phone which took perfectly the object.”


However, even a casual observer can tell the two pictures have simply been distorted by lens flare caused by the setting sun shining onto the camera’s lens.


The phenomenon of UFO sightings shows no sign of abating, probably driven by the near ubiquity of smartphone cameras.


Earth so far remains the only known source of intelligent life in the Universe.



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On 10/1/2020 at 1:30 AM, Thaivisa Web Content Team said:

The first of intriguing images

Where are these images? What's the point of such an article without images?


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On 10/1/2020 at 1:30 AM, Thaivisa Web Content Team said:

supposedly show a disk of alien origin flying at great speed

It may have been Boris Johnson running away from the UK's agreement with the EU

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28 minutes ago, hotchilli said:

Here's one image from Issan.

didn't end well for ET


Ya know, the fingers are some of the best parts.  Cook'm like chicken feet and serve with a bit of spicy sauce.  Known aphrodisiac as you then get a warm afterglow in your belly and your nether regions spring to life like a revitalized bowl of dead geraniums.  Also, they are good for prostrate problems while alive.  One said "ow" on the way in for an exam (or was that me?) cured my cancer but I had to call my GP after 4 hrs of an enraging engorgement and the wife's pleas for mercy.

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Such is people's strange belief that we are the only life forms in the whole universe, you could video a UFO landing right in front of you and video the aliens in and outside their ship, and when you posted it online people all around the world will attack you for posting fake photoshoped videos. You will be called all sorts of names and people will try to discredit you. Nobody will believe you. If I videoed aliens and UFOs and met "ET" I wouldn't tell anyone except my immediate family because of this.

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You want proof of aliens?  Simple, get access to the Lab Building at Cape Canaveral.  Inside there is a library housing reference material for the purpose of keeping certain employees up to date with the latest space related technology including alien technology.  One cannot check out any materials of course.  Hard to believe but true.

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