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Bringing My girlfriend and Children to the U.K

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As the title says, My plans are to bring my girlfriend and kids to the uk next year.

After the recent debaucle with the amnesty i flew home on the 25th and now the amnesty is extended again.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

My kids will be fine as they can get british passports.

Its just my girlfriend which concerns me as we are not married.

Would i be able to get a fiance visa for her?

Does she need to have funds in her bank account or is just me that needs to show funds?

Is it 6 months of wage slips i need to show?

Is the 18600 required before or after tax?

What is the process for if i am self employed and dont have wage slips?

Will bank transfers count?

Is the fiance visa difficult to obtain?

And how long is the whole process?

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The answers to all of your questions are 9n UKVI website.


The application process is actually quite simple.


Take a look at the instructions and guidance on the website. Everything will become clear.

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18 minutes ago, Chris.B said:

Why don't you get married?

 i think they are in different countries, that why he mentioned fiancee visa

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What are your actual plans, does she want to settle in the UK, do you want to marry in the UK, or are you thinking of returning to Thailand, as the father of Thai children?


How long have you been living in Thailand, were you living together in a subsisting relationship for two years?


There are various options open to you, this is a good starter https://www.gov.uk/uk-family-visa

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5 hours ago, chickenslegs said:

Sounds like you are in an established and provable relationship, having kids together.


If so, your partner can apply for a UK settlement visa, just as she could if you were married.




You assume the kids are hers.  It doesn't sound that way to me.  

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A colleague has just done it, Spouse Visa cost in total about £3000, TB Test, English Language Test, NHS surcharge etc, the £18600 only covers your girlfriend, it’s more if you have kids.

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