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Yikes! Cobra sets up home in nonagenarian's toilet!

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Yikes! Cobra sets up home in nonagenarian's toilet!



Picture: Sanook


Snake catchers were called to the home of a 93 year old man called Phoon in Bueng Kan province after his daughter saw a cobra in his room. 


She saw the snake head towards the toilet but then it disappeared. 


Six snake catchers arrived and escorted the old man outside while they set to work.


They opened the loo and found nothing.


Then they saw that the snake was coiled up inside an open space in the pedestal support of the toilet. 


It was a hard job to get it out so they decided to dismantle the toilet.


Inside they found the reason for the snake's activities. 


It was a female that had laid ten eggs. 


After thirty minutes the one meter long cobra was on her way back to nature. 


Soure: Sanook





-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-01

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