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EU launches legal case against UK over Internal Market Bill

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25 minutes ago, Bruntoid said:

You condone law breaking then providing it’s us breaking the law ? If the EU did it how loudly would you be wailing now ? 🤔

On this occasion I totally do condone it, the EU have not negotiated in good faith, but nothing we say to you will ever change your mind or the way you address other members, we have known each far too long now havn't we😉.

Many countries have broken international law, just lately Germany, but the EU were quite happy to pass on that one, lets have some balance here and at least some consistancy, they are just showing what a big load of bullies they really are. Britain must suffer by any means, 4 years of this nonsense is enough for anyone. Here is an article from the Spectator.



In practice that would mean modifying the Diplock line to say, as Germany does, the UK will uphold international law in principle, but break international law if it conflicts fundamentally with our constitution.





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