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BKK - Anyone asking for big rent decrease?

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Okay, with so many expats having left and none arriving there is no doubt that many rentals are now empty.


I was speaking to a Thai friend today and she told me the Thai blogs have been discussing many asking landlords for huge discounts, as much as 50%.  I also have a friend stuck in the US that was quickly offered (and accepted) a 50% discount to continue his lease while he is locked out of Thailand.


The reality is that it should be virtually impossible for an owner to lease out a place without a big discount, but to the surprise of no one, if I scour the various agency sites there is virtually no discount to be found - same asking price as always.


Our lease is ending and my preference would be to stay in my current place but am considering asking for a discount.  Of course, one risk is landlord finding an excuse to keep my deposit at lease termination, so I am also also open to moving, but as I said there are no obvious large discounts on offer.


FWIW, we are in a premium property and not sure how badly they have been impacted in relation to the budget sector (my friend's 50% discount was at the new Magnolias Ratchadamri / Waldorf, top end).  


So, anyone with firsthand (or secondhand) experience of attempting to reduce rent recently?  (I can check with agents of course, but their priority is themselves and landlords)



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This is hard times, also for the landlords. I am on a pension; still, I wouldn't dream of using this situation to get a lower rent. Actually, I recently paid for six months before I had to.

I will make a suggestion. Send a message to your current landlord asking him to clarify something, this is the question :   "How many days notice do I need to give you to cancel the rental c

What I get from this is... you don’t want to move, but you want to take advantage of the climate and pay less rent - Fair enough, ultimately its just business.    You have concerns your land

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26 minutes ago, timendres said:

Unless you are searching in Thai, and viewing Thai websites, you will never see a discount for anything. Once I started operating in Thai, my life got much cheaper.

You make it sound more difficult than it is. Anyone can look at the Thai rental sites with their browser auto translating and see what the going rate is. Most condos have an onsite letting agency and while you may pay a slight premium you are at least assured of getting your deposit back.


As for "seeing" a discount, the rent is always negotiable so what do you expect them to do? Make a big announcement about some special promotion or something? Make the landlord an offer which is half of his asking price and see what his reaction is. My experience of Bangkok landlords is that they'd much rather have their property empty and wait for the perfect tenant than offer significant discounts on the rent. You can always get something like a 20% discount on their asking price though.


In these uncertain times I'd rather have the benefit of a rolling monthly contract than make a new 12 month one so I'm happy to stick with my current landlord at the price I agreed last year.

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The end result is entirely predictable. The landlord will of course take it personally and give a firm no or maybe even kick you out 


Ask but also be prepared to leave. Thais rarely give discounts and 50 % ain't gonna happen. I'm guessing you know this already and that's why you are here asking for advice instead of crunching the owner already 

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It depend, as a landlord, if the tenant just looking for a free ride because of the covid situation i'll tell him to go jump in the lake and move if he desire to do so, but if his livelihood got effected my the Covid situation i will work out something beneficial to both of us... 

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I got a 20% discount on my usual stay in Thonglor, and no deposit 

I rent for +/- 3 months periods. 

On AirBnB I see discounts up to 50%.

Here in Pattaya I got 10% on my usual rent, and only 5000 Baht deposit instead of 1 month. 

Also a 3 month period. 

I suppose I can get a better deal when renting longer time. 

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I check a big block of small condo's next door online


price is about the same, maybe some deducted 500 baht


hundreds units for rent


was overpriced to start with ... selling 1.75 than 1.85 than 1.95 M baht for a shoebox of 25 m2 

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