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Video: Kindergarten child who lost end of finger: Parents go to court after compensation delays

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Video: Kindergarten child who lost end of finger: Parents go to court after compensation delays



Picture: Sanook


The parents of a child who lost the end of a finger after a door closed on his hand at a kindergarten in Chiang Rai are going to court over the case. 


The three year old boy was seen in a video going outside the class to throw something in a trash can then re-entering and getting hurt.


Parents have suggested it was a deliberate act of slamming the door by staff, the school said it was an accident. 


It occurred at a time when the little children were being encouraged to sleep as is the custom in kindergartens during the day.


The boy concerned was restless and wandering about with his empty milk carton. 


The school, which at first seemed to assert that the wind had slammed the door on the boy's hand, have admitted in a letter that a nanny closed the door not realising he was there.


Signed by Prannee school director Sai-arun Prasert, the letter suggested that the school had behaved appropriately in every way and the staff member concerned had been assigned to other duties and dealt with properly. 


They said that compensation has not yet been agreed but their school was safe and doors had been checked and modified.


The parents are begging to differ with this analysis that they claim sugar coats the issue.


Sanook reported after a conversation with an aunt of the child that the parents had given the school a whole month to sort out the compensation. Now a 30th September deadline had passed they had decided to press ahead with a court case and would engage in no more negotiation.


They said that they had only been given 10,000 baht from insurance yet the cost of surgeries had been 48,000 baht and they had all the medical documentation to prove it. 


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-02

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2 hours ago, hotchilli said:

However the school should take responsibility for the accident

May I suggest 50 % of the hospital bills?

Poor boy. - I remember something like this more than 70 years ago.


But - 'burned child shies away from fire' , so there might be some basic learning too.

For all involved.

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19 hours ago, hotchilli said:

Looking at the video I don't think you can call this abuse, the door is solid with no glass panel so there is no way to visually see the opposite side, a pure accident.

However the school should take responsibility for the accident... they do happen sometimes.

You make a very valid point with a glass panel, wire mesh type preferable. All class rooms should be visible from outside in may stop some abuse.

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