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New police chief lays down the law: No more checkpoints nationwide

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Some fascinating claims he is making. First of all, the RTP at it's inception seems to have been created with a status quo from the government. We will NOT pay you a living wage, but you have a franch

Your underlings are going to love you Suwat, roadside checkpoints are where they make most of their earnings. Now how are they going to screw over motorists?

So you will only be done if you are involved in an accident, or even kill someone whilst D.U.I. ? Hardly a deterrent for a drink driver nowadays.

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Yes, we'll see. Which traffic stops, ie I live in a border area, there are lots of military checkpoints, and quite a few combined military/police ones. I'll bet they remain. And the casual stop on the highway where they have a highway patrol car pulling people over and randomly extorting drivers for alleged speeding will remain. Perhaps the fixed extortion points on Highway 304 might go, the ones where everyone has to slow down, drive through the cones, and the truck drivers at certain times automatically pay 20 baht (well at least it was a couple of years ago).

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