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Pattaya: Beach washes away yet again after three hours of torrential rain

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That's exactly what they want it to do. There's good "commission" to be made on the "hundreds of Millions"  baht worth of sand being trucked in each time.

Is'nt that just the true mark of a World Class International Family Resort!  Well done all!

Everybody can make a mistake . But some people are making the same mistake again and again ... That is proof of not being very clever .

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They need to put a breakwater in so that there is a limit to where the sand can go.


At least then it would be easier to reclaim the sand.  Not really sure how else you can stop the erosion



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That´s the result of creating to many artificial beaches, and think it pleases.


The water is strong, and washes away what does not belong.

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57 minutes ago, carlyai said:

They did that at Jontiem beach.

The easiest solution is to just replace the sand.

They should build an underground pumping station and pump all the water over to the Dark side. 🙂

No, thank you. The Dark Side is the Hillside of Pattaya. 

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