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Inside QAnon: Bizarre conspiracy theory says satanic paedos are plotting against Trump

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35 minutes ago, polpott said:

Do you really think that a paedophile pig farmer from the Phillipines is going to get Q level clearance from the US government?

libel is a non argument imo

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Celebrities involved in paedophilia and child sex trafficking?  What proof is there?         

I've read more than a number of QAnon articles put out by the mainstream media, and have even watched a few broadcasts hosting interviews with 'experts.'  Now under usual circumstances whenever one is

Well! You're all going to feel pretty dumb if all this stuff turns out to be true!

13 hours ago, polpott said:

Do you really think that a paedophile pig farmer from the Phillipines is going to get Q level clearance from the US government?

Trump has that clearance. So I am not so sure about the answer to your question.

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16 hours ago, Tippaporn said:

The fact that Q clearances within government are not rare does not logically lead to a conclusion that Q clearances are insignificant or ho hum.  What is noteworthy is that a Q clearance denotes access to Top Secret information, the highest classification level.


List of U.S. security clearance terms


Per Wikipedia the top security level is TOP SECRET.  Also, per Wikipedia, information "above Top Secret" is either Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or special access program (SAP) which are phrases used by media. It is not truly "above" Top Secret, since there is no clearance higher than Top Secret.


In any case it is not known what specific Top Secret information this Q has.  But I have heard the argument made by people who minimize a Q clearance level.  That's fine with me.  Reality is different to different people.

A Q clearance is meaningless as to the manner in which it is portrayed by the silly qanon movement.


In the "quatrains" issued by the supposed "Q", and interpreted by his minions, there is claim that a Q clearance somehow gives him access to superduper secret stuff about int'l pedo rings and tens of thousands of 'sealed warrants'.  It's quite silly, but there is an audience among the addled brain demographic.


I don't need "Wikipedia" to understand the clearance system, as I held TS/SCI for a long time and as part of that was regularly polygraphed. Even with TS/SCI, some intel is held even tighter, but it has absolutely nothing to do with a Q clearance, which is actually a minor clearance in the grand scheme of things. Over the years such 'need to know' access has come under different headings, all of which are publicly known. We once used TS Umbra. We use "Eyes Only". We still use Bigot Lists, and given the advent of computer power, access can be severely restricted by individual name/badge number so that every single person who is made aware, or has authority to be made aware, is automatically known. Also, since all computers are monitored by Security and by CIMC, even a search request is known, and anyone who tries to search something outside of his or her 'need to know' is identifiable and subsequently asked why.


The entire concept of "QAnon" is a farce and may even be a joke that got out of hand. That reminds me of "Pyramid Power", which became a meme a few decades back after Martin Gardner, a writer for Scientific American, wrote an article about it as an April Fool's joke. Little did he know what his joke fomented.

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21 hours ago, tracker said:

well, one thing I have figured out for myself: The main stream media is heavily biased... So since that gives me only one side of stories, I opt to other sources. Then I can filter it (dicernment) and make my own truth. So the lesson and advice is: do not let the msm dictate opinion and/or your truth.

"....make (your) own truth."   Lordy.  So if you read a factual story and a made-up one, you give both equal weight?  Whatever.


QAnon is not the only crazies out there.  If you're going to give legitmacy to all manner of conspiracy theories, surely you must give equal time to all, including flat Earthers, JFK assassination, 9/11, Sandy Hook, fake moon landing, Seth Rich, Bin Laden still alive, Elvis still alive, end of the world (pick a date)....and that's just off the top of my head.  


I do hope you can get to the truth!

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1 hour ago, Berkshire said:

Lordy.  So if you read a factual story and a made-up one, you give both equal weight?  Whatever.

how do I know a story is factual? got enough proof that we are lied to on a MEGA scale... Something I can see with my own eyes happening I regard as factual. And how do I know if a story is made up? Because some msm outlets calls this person crazy or whatever label they put on the person makes it a madeup story?


To answer your question: stories from both sides get consideration and, until more facts surface, I do not judge. So Q gets a chance in my opinion, so does the group who says it's <deleted>... You might want to follow this example, because it is good way to stay sane (and it is called Thinking for yourself).


and same for you:
I do hope you can get to the truth! Thank you very much 🙂


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