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It seems to be just TV has banned the IP address my VPN was using in USA.  Probably due spam from some user.  But could have been a bit more diplomatic about it as expect some will never attempt to contact once they get that message.

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7 minutes ago, Jai Dee said:

Can you recall the IP address that your VPN was using?

Did not note it - was US Mid West on PIA and currently connects via this IP but do not have that banned now so probably a different IP number.  I did try to establish new connection to TV but got the same banned notice until went back to Singapore IP.

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I checked all your overseas IPs back to September  did not find any spam flags or prohibited IPs on any of them.  


If it happens again please leave the page open and report it, thanks

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20 minutes ago, stouricks said:

Delete your cookies from TV should work.

As soon as I returned to my normal Singapore IP it signed me back in no issue.  

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