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Why so difficult to get Thai landlords to realise that they don't own your deposit?

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Eye for an eye .......... I lost my entire deposit on the very first rental I had 35 years ago and the amount of THB 45'000 - those days a fortune - was still too small to take the landlady to the cleaners. 

As of then I always stopped paying rent timely enough so when I moved out the deposit was balanced. To the big surprise of all landladies and landlords I had later on, I showed up six weeks later to clear all the still open bills and explained, why I did it that way round. Question is always and worldwide the same "who wants what from whom" and, likewise, a property owner has no legal substance if you're not in arrear for at least three months ......

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sorry you're having problems but such situations can easily be avoided. i've lived in several apartments and never had any issues, i dont know of any friends who have had problems either. i recommend

sorry but the best, perhaps only thing to do when you pay a deposit here, is to write it off. A lot of landlords are chancers, if not downright criminals and you have no rights. Best to divide the dep

It's not the first time I've had issues but will almost certainly be the last, as I'm going to use monthly Airbnb bookings in future to avoid the contract and deposit nonsense. Shortly moving out of a

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