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Thailand's stray dogs: Rabies alert as six primary school kids savaged at breaktime

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Here we go again, soi dogs need to be exterminated like the dangerous vermin they are, not fed bags of old rice by idiots and left for the numbers to explode into the millions. Just wait until the 'pi

there is no compassion aiding the spread of these filthy animals. thai people need to be educated and the entire soi dog population needs to be put down. 

Sadly, there is neither the money, but more importantly the will to deal with the problem. Thais because of the Buddhist attitude won't put them down, leaving mass sterilisation as the only real long

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43 minutes ago, Orton Rd said:

They can't even enforce lottery ticket prices!

Bang on the money.


When I buy my lottery ticket, and I get overcharged, I'll consider the following;


If I win the 6m baht. I'll go back to the vendor, who sold me the ticket, and give her 20 baht. My interpreter will say; "Thank you. If you had charged me the correct price, 80 baht, as promoted by MR Chan-o-cha, you would be 1000 baht better off."

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59 minutes ago, bodga said:

what a waste of  time, just  kill  them then the idiots  that feed  them

Not a waste of time at all. If they simply assume the dogs have rabies the 6 children and 3 adults bitten by the dogs will have to go through a course very painful injections,,,,,,,possibly needlessly 

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21 minutes ago, twizzian said:

The only problem with registering these mutts, is when the owner of the dog bites someone, suddenly they are not the owner.

That´s the reason to register.

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