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NBTC’s new pre-paid mobile rates still too high

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NBTC’s new pre-paid mobile rates still too high

By The Nation




The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) will hold a public hearing on the high amounts mobile phone users pay for pre-paid services, though experts say the new rates are just as high.


The NBTC has released a draft regulation on controlling the amount mobile-phone service providers charge outside of special promotions. According to the regulation, service providers will need to stick to the following rates for pre-paid options:


• Bt1.60 per minute for voice calls;

• Bt2.50 per SMS;

• Bt4.50 per MMS;

• Bt0.90 per megabyte internet access.


These regulations will go into effect on December 31, which means promotions established after the announcement cannot exceed the above rate.


However, promotions launched before December 31 can remain unchanged until the end of the contract.


As for promotions that are unlimited, the rate can be corrected within 270 days from the date of announcement.


Consumer foundation lawyer Sophon Nurat said he agreed with the NBTC’s decision to regulate service rates, and recommended that all service providers be monitored as they may find ways to make profits.


Suebsak Suebpakdee, a telecommunications researcher, said the purpose of the draft was to reduce the impact on consumers, but the rates set are still too high.


He said if a customer uses 1 gigabyte extra to watch a film, they will end up having to pay Bt900 if they are charged Bt0.90 per megabyte. He also said these regulations will do little to control service providers in the 5G era.


NBTC will receive public comments until October 19.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30395779



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-10-07
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