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I'm feeling like boss is taking advantage of my Fiance.

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43 minutes ago, kingofthemountain said:

I don't want to be too personnal but

I am pretty sure your mom would not agree with your statement


it's a bit sad to see that after 3000 years of supposed evolution

some people are still grasping a cave age mentality 

And rather than just keeping that to himself he is "proud of it"....

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If she's still got a job and no massive pay cut due to Covid, I'd leave it alone.    

Yes, i agree, this could be because of the difference between thai and western man thinking. She is an adult, let her sort it out unless she asks for your opinion or help.

2500 to just unlock and open the door is a very generous offer, to then now make that 3000 baht for being 1KM away is even brilliant. It seems that you are the problem here, not her boss and not her e

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On 10/7/2020 at 10:05 PM, Elkski said:

Yes, I feel it would be worth 3,000 baht from me so she has 30 extra  hours each month to exercise, study English  and eat healthy  food.  But i also wanted to help prepare her for the real World in America if and when we get our K1 visa.  Thai people need to learn to "stand up and take their share!"  Tracy chapman

Is America the real world?????? What a joke.... Tracy Chapman was saying this about America...

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On 10/9/2020 at 3:27 AM, kingofthemountain said:


Can i ask you how old are you? You don't seem to have a lot of experience

of the life or a deep thinking about complex problems


OP is 60, and gf is her 40s


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This topic of a foreigner (non-Thai male) frequently and currently living outside Thailand regaling us with his story about his inability to control the behaviour of his friend (Thai female) living in Thailand towards her superior in the company where she works seems to have run its course, but because of its entertainment value I am moving it from the forum "General topics" to the forum "Farang Pub"

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Most Thais don't want to leave Thailand especially if they were going to move to boonies USA. If it ain't NY or San Francisco she's gonna be back in a year. 

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