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Elderly American expat falls to his death in Chiang Mai 

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85 year old guy with 33 year old wife. (married when she was 23 and he was 75) He was certainly living the dream before his unfortunate fall.

say what?

CSI Thaivisa is warming up already. Case solved before 5pm today.

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85 with 33 and loaded with money? Yes, she will get a lot of inheritance from his death.


Obviously she married him for his money and not because he's good looking

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2 hours ago, malibukid said:

it would be interesting to see the Will, suspicious since most Thai woman under 35 do not like older farang men. your done once your over 50, not like in other countries. 

555 with this statement, you are going to make a lot of guys in this forum very very angry 🤣🤣

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41 minutes ago, TheFishman1 said:

In Thailand it’s not about age it’s just all about money TIT

Would it then be correct to say that for the men who marry them, it is all about sex and exploitation, no morality or humanity? No buyer, no seller.

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4 hours ago, Isaan sailor said:

Big age gap there...really pushing it...

your not suggesting pushing to...a fall are you, well i'll be damned.

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She said that she thought her husband may have fallen while cleaning the windows or that he could have fainted. 


She said he was a very active guy who regularly did his own cleaning. Explaining why he had removed his glasses she said that he may have got something in his eye whilst cleaning.


RIP, fellow. There's something fishy to the whole story. 

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