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Pattaya: Another little girl savaged by soi dog: "Do something" mum pleads - they're breeding fast

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I lived on Soi 9 Jomtien beach and was terrified going out and in to my condo. I can’t understand why nothing is done about it. For me , it goes to show that authorities don’t give a damn about anyone’s safety, along with the  kamikaze  drivers and fly tipping rubbish. 

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Acting fast will probably be rounding up a few- and dumping them somewhere else, seems to be the norm here. Any dog attacking a human should be immediately put down, no question.

Thailand needs to change.  All dogs need  shots and collars with collars on and  tags of proof.   No free roaming dogs allowed.  Kill all these wild ones now. 

There is a very simple nation-wide solution to this nation-wide problem.   Cull all stray dogs and any dog which is not restrained on someones property with clear identification tags. 

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there's been a marked increase in my rural area  certainly more pups but a good few older dogs being dumped by inconsiderate heartless vermin  I must admit to helping out an elderly retriever cross who was dumped by railway tracks in a completely remote area


We have taken in another pup to be trained by my 2 big  gals (both former rescues ) as a fearless guard dog,......🤣


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On 10/25/2020 at 4:46 PM, geisha said:

I can’t understand why nothing is done about it.

You would think they would at least set up a committee to discuss the issue.  🙂

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