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Foreign property owners now allowed to return to Thailand

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Farookin' ridiculous! Three million Baht earning 0.1% in a Thai bank plus another half million doing nothing in your home country - just how anxious do they think people are? Expect a lot more co

So punters drop eg 5 to 15 million baht on a home and now need to show 3 million to use it   Sounds fair 

Let's face it...this is just another step on the road to clearing out foreigners (apart from their brothers and sisters in China).......It is all part of going down the (silk) road to become the next

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I alway thought they resented ownership of property rule was buy with money you can afford to lose lots of properties purchased for cash

entry to thailand is going to be to the highest bidders and how much they value there commitments for the next 12 months I am sure they have a smile that one too

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12 minutes ago, Boomer6969 said:

Three million is what I transfer every year, in the first days of the year to prove it is income from the previous year. So, if I was out of Thailand right now, I'd just wait until after new year to apply. 


There are many in my situation I guess and we are neither "financial illiterate" nor unaware of the, so far unenforced, Thai income tax rules.

I said nothing about Thai income tax rules.  

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Just to say, the requirement listed in the OP are very much in line with those implemented for the Non O-X visa. Doesn't it make a lot of sense?

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