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Crack in Pool Wall

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Hi Guys,


so my (concrete) pool has developed a small crack in one corner.  Water is leaking slowly, but it is leaking.


I can see the crack between tiles. 


What's the best way to fix this?


I'm thinking of removing the tiles around the crack and then trying to fill it with something

The questions would be what to fill it with ?

Then I could apply a sealant and replace the tiles.


Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.


I'm in Pattaya ...








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Attached is a picture.


The water would go down to about the bottom of the first tile (horizontal red line). That how

we discovered we had a problem. We have drained the water further now ...


The crack is hard to see, we need to remove the tiles.






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If you can remove the tile carefully.....


You might look in Lazada or even Homepro for some underwater putty/epoxy.....mix (knead) together and apply.

Will harden under water and is waterproof....will also fill cracks if needed.

However....you may be experiencing much more than a simple crack....you pool maybe continously separating in which case this will be a temporary fix. There is an awesome pool company up my way....Bang Khae who might give you some information or good suggestions if you get to that point.


good luck



here is a basic youtube video of the epoxy.....


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is the tile fixed firmly, tap and see if it has a hollow sound, if so rake out the joint and re-grout using a good swimming pool grout, repeat with any further cracks, if loose chop out and replace with a good suitable pool adhesive and re-grout as above.

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I would suggest finding out why the crack appeared in the first place, if the pool is two or three years old then something is moving e.g footings to the pool, if so that problem needs sorting before repairing the crack 

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We had a pool crack about half way down both sidewalls in the center following an earthquake.  We removed some concrete all the way round and welded large rebar horizontally across the top to take the strain, then poured concrete back to the top and repaired the crack, lastly, retiled.


It cut the leak to almost nothing.  Total repair cost was about 100k thb, the local experts said the only solution was to fit a liner at 4 times the cost.

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Remove tiles (beyond where you think the crack is), inspect carefully.

Loom for: Is the crack wider at one end than the other? Is there a further hairline fracture progressing from the open easily visible crack? If so then i would find the best European pool builder you can and get him to inspect and advise.

If you have a larger problem e.i structural integrity of the pool being compromised, rather than the pool-apron cracking the upper wall of the pool because the apron wasn't supported properly (less of a problem to fix).

If the problem is not just the top apron area but in the pool moving in its entirety then you'd probably have to remove all the tiles clean the concrete based down and go through a few scenarios to fix. These scenarios will be major works.

Buy quality concrete epoxy (comes in a standard extrusion tube which fits into an /applicator extrusion gun). Inject into the entire crack until overflow and trowel off the excess - QUICKLY as this stuff begins to set in about 5 minutes - pretty fast.

Don't use some sort of weak silicone or liquid nails filler!

Use concrete epoxy glue as it is as hard as steel will lock both sides of the crack together (it binds with the concrete at molecule level) so effectively that if the pool is and continues to move this area will NEVER crack again - and you will see cracks develop elsewhere. This will indicate the worst scenario i.e. your whole pool is moving.

This epoxy glue is so strong and bonds so perfectly to concrete it is used to anchor pins etc into concrete. I have personally witnessed a a massive skyscraper crane pull on a reo-bar hook glued into a 100 tonne block of concrete and the pin held. The machine tore out a huge plug of concrete about 1200 mm round!  

The idea is not to just to fill the gap but to seal, and bind both sides of the crack together to prevent the crack from growing.


I would also get someone with a laser level to carefully shoot the entire top of the pool and record the measurements carefully and remeasure in monthly intervals to see if the pool is moving. Why? Because the pool should not leak at all. This development is not a good sign my friend.

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