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The week that was in Thailand news: Thailand’s infrastructure: “You’ve never had it so good!”

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The week that was in Thailand news: Thailand’s infrastructure: “You’ve never had it so good!”     It was 1950s Britain when then prime minister Harold MacMillan told his fellow Con

Rooster.......you live in a different World than me ! I see massive deterioration in the past 5 years, the death of  democracy for instance and not noticed by you at all???

Wrong   It was better 38 years ago, because i was 38 years younger!

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13 hours ago, scammed said:

no they havnt, like rest of the world they had a brain fart and shut down economy.

agree on the choice for roger penrose for nobel price in physics though.


"In Chiang Mai a 33-year-old Thai wife said that her “lively” 85-year-old American husband fell from the 7th floor while cleaning the windows."

i agree with her, he has served his purpose

Did she make sure he cleaned all the windows thoroughly first?

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Just now, jingjai9 said:

It is admirable that you accentuate the positive but we cannot eliminate the negative.  The smell of sewers in the heat of the summer is one area that needs work for sure.


One other area seldom mentioned is the lack of uniformity in the level of walking surfaces such as sidewalks/footpaths.

1) Up in Chiang Mai, been her 10+ years, never had sewage smells summer or winter.

(except when I walk past the horse riding stables)


2) Learn to watch where you step.

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