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Arrival of Chinese tourists in Phuket under STV scheme delayed to Oct 26

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Arrival of Chinese tourists in Phuket under STV scheme delayed to Oct 26 By THE NATION   Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn   A group of Chinese tourist

there goes the neighborhood. 

And as the most ‘special’ of Special Tourists from the Heavenly Kingdom….   …it’s a safe bet these VIPs won’t have to fill out massive volumes of nonsensical visa paperwork, jump through an

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25 minutes ago, Vivek wardhan bandi said:

We service industry people, dont have any income from last 8 months, we have spent all our saving and took loans to survive, hope the time will change,  the time will change , when thai govt allow tourists in this country, expecting this will happen soon,  with all safety precautions,  

It will not change anytime soon sorry to say

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2 hours ago, chub said:

You would think that 'The Nation' journalist would know better than to attach a photo of a Taiwanese airliner to an article about a flight from Guangzhou to Phuket.    

The British guys working for The Nation may not know too well the geography of this part of the world... Far from UK 😉

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1 minute ago, Patjqm said:

Strange..if one is positive the cancel...but why they do quarantaine?? 

Well if someone is positive he’s sent straight to hospital for further tests / treatment, at his own cost.  They wouldn’t put him in quarantine to infect others in quarantine. 

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I reckon this so called bunch of tourist supposed to come were not tourist as such, more like a bunch of travel agent and tour operators coming to survey Phuket to see if it's safe to start selling holidays to our Chinese friends 

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1 hour ago, Siamic said:

There has been no Covid cases in Phuket for more than 3 months. It would be interesting to do PCR tests on 100 volunteers here and simply see how many false-positives show up.

Actually, if would interesting to do SARS-Cov-2 anti-body testing to see how many have been infected already. 

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2 hours ago, Mak25 said:

I understand, if 1 person is found positive, the whole group will need to remain in ASQ for the rest of their stay in Thailand.

This is how I read it.  So after 7 days they can roam in some areas of the hotel.  So on day 12 someone tests positive then what?  They all redo 14 day in room quarantine?   How often are these hotel staff tested,  food service, cleaning service. Read a report virus can stay on a person's skin6 days.  These hotel workers as well as all health care workers need hazard pay

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The "Flip Flop" Government.


You watch this space....Any flight {If any actually arrive} that has a Covid Positive will mean that every country is banned!


Its a farce that every flight into or indeed out of Thailand has positive results...

Amazing Thailand!

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