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Time for a Chiang Mai overhaul?

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On 10/16/2020 at 11:50 PM, dingdongrb said:

You clearly said more water would be needed and it would be a problem:


"water would be a problem if industry was expanded."

"I wasn't referring to the industry per se using more water, but to the new people that staffed the new factories needing water."


I replied stating that there would be no problem with water to build new high tech mfg sites, but you continue to seem to disagree with that.


Why would there be a need for more people to move here to staff them, why couldn't some of those that lost their tourism job be trained to operate a soldering iron or a torque driver to build something, it's been done before.


Next? (Try to be a little more original in your next reply....  🙂 )

I'm not sure if you are having a little joke with me, but just in case you really can't connect the dots-

ONE new factories require many more people

TWO people need water to live

THREE more people need more water








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