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Chiang Mai woman faces probe for alleged murders in suspected insurance scam

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11 hours ago, wolf81 said:

One of the reasons why I'm very hesitant to buy a life insurance policy, even though my girlfriend sometimes asks me about this.


One might be worth more dead than alive. And also, even if a relationship is good now and it's all butterflies, people can change.


You're forgetting the 2 other scenarios.  1) She had a long term plan all along, and the faux butterflies were just a part of it.  2) She genuinely loves you, but someone in her family would prefer she get (and hopefully share) the money.



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She seems so misunderstood with the maiming bless her🤔 

Some make a living by working hard , or by running a business . Seems she was running her little business as well ... she made some profit and now she will need to pay the price for that .  

So this lady has had a number of Insurance payouts from a number of deaths and only now do they link her.     Maybe a good time to start checking the payees against a national payout databas

Me, being a CM Man, once faced a "probe" when I found out my massage gal turned out to be a ladyboy


Luckily i reminded the fellow of the current "Penal" codes one must follow, when it comes to "probes" 🙂

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9 hours ago, Elkski said:

Very true in Thailand where a life can be bought for  5,000-40,000 baht.  How many go free.   But if married the state will continue to pay your young bride and payout more. 

Not the UK.

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