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The death of the Full Moon Party

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Who won't you let these young people just have a bit of fun and enjoy their youth before they become old and grumpy like you. 

They are nothing more than drug parties and should be shut down. Many dangerous incidents have occurred at these parties including a shooting a few years back.  imo  

Hopefully gone forever. It no doubt started as a happy occasion, and was certainly enjoyable in the early 90s, but it became a monster that destroyed one of the better beaches in LOS. That thousa

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5 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

From the article in the OP. Makes a lot of sense. I didn't know that they were extended to several days. When I went it was just one night.



Mark Panya Wienands, who runs Seaview Sunrise resort at the quieter northern end of the beach, has had second thoughts about the parties. 

He admits they have been good for business but says they had extended to last five days at a stretch, changing the atmosphere on the beach.


“People came just to experience the party, and not the community, the nature, and other things the island has to offer.” 


Writing on his resort’s website, he goes further.

“It looks like Full Moon Party will be dead forever anyway and we hope it stays dead. Full Moon Party is the saddest thing that ever happened to Haad Rin and it brought in nothing but destruction.”

He is optimistic that an end to the party could herald a change on the island.

“Covid has really delivered a reset button,” he tells me. “At some point the Full Moon Party was going to fail anyway, and it just so happens that Covid pushed that reset button hard. A lot of people are going to suffer, but this is a sort of watershed for a change, not just for Haad Rin but for the entire island.”

Mark has made his choice. From now on, he says, he will focus on long-staying guests. He is making much less money, but says he is much happier.

I can just imagine owning a resort on that island what a nightmare that would have been the damage that would have been done to the property, I used to have some small bungalows here in Phuket and it was bad enough in my experience the cheaper end of the market they are worst guest,

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