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STV: Not a single Chinese person actually applied for a special visa - TAT supplied "list of names"

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You have<deleted> your tourism industry, and people will look for alternative, more accommodating destinations ! Congratulations !  

Where have all the tourists gone? Long time passing Where have all the tourists gone? Long time ago Where have all the tourists gone? Thais ripped them off, every one When will they ever l

A telling reveal of the appetite of travellers who may wish to come to Thailand. Was it the onerous paperwork, Covid-19 tests or the quarantine that put people off? Here lies a lesson for the Thai aut

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7 minutes ago, farang85 said:

china  - First they send virus now they will send the vaccine  thru STV 

Maybe they not come before they have new virus! Think how many have to say "i pass" when asking who want go Thailand! So if over 18% of all world's people already say "don't want go Thailand" maybe is time to TAT start thinking they idea's! 

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Thailand have very good medical facilities , lot of  nice hotels to quarantine  . with 100K USD insurance  , 2 week quarantine , pre covid test  .  I am damn sure no farang will  leave there own country to goto thailand if they have covid .   do they really need this STV  <deleted> of   flying with charter flight/ low risk/high risk country <deleted> on top of paying 10000 THB to thai long stay  ?

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